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12/16/2007 'Sydney the Skunk' A commission for Terry of his Australian skunk char. <3 Colored with pencil then added a filter to it. :P He is © Terry. 5/18/2004 "Hyperactive" Okay, everybody knows Azzy's my best friend, and always will be. :3 I really like this pic alot, the colors came out well, the BG came out well.. I'm real proud of this pic. ^-^ And Azzeh liked it alot too, so everybody's happy. ;P Another gift for Cherokee. n.n I thought this would be cute. I felt like I needed to draw Bluie with her hockey stick again,so I did. :> Yep,that thar stick is her weapon ! Read all about it in her bio. This pic turned out awesome,notice the peach splotch between her eyes ? No that isn't a mistake,I decided to add that in there for originality. :3